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Welcome to Birel America, your online resource for information about ultra high-quality Monza Racing Karts & Freeline parts & accessories. When you buy a Monza or Freeline product - you buy peace of mind that you are receiving only the very best product available. We guarantee great customer support and product availability backed by the largest dealer network in the country.

Monza Racing Karts are Premium Karts without the premium price. On this site you will find information on the Monza models that are currently available, complete with class & chassis specifications, Freeline accessories and some helpful "How To" resources that can help you in the shop and at the track.

2009 Models Come With New Added Bonuses
FootRest-600px.jpgThe 2009 Monza MTS trim level models will come with an added bonus feature for the customer this year. With the purchase of a 2009 Monza MTS model kart(100cc or 125cc), you will receive a Feeline Hi-Tech machined aluminum heel stop and a Freeline pipe mount bracket. These two parts are valued at nearly $100 but will come as standard equipment. These models include the ZY32C, ZY32A, and Z30.
2009 Monza Racing Karts Released

The 2009 Monza Racing Kart line was launched recently and is available for viewing on www.GoMonza.com. The chassis line offers two brand new models with several standard feature upgrades. These models, the ZY32-A and ZY32-C are the top offerings from Monza for 2009 with the ZY32-A already having proven itself in both WKA 100cc and RotaxMax competition. Also in the line-up is the Monza Z30 and Z28 junior level karts.

GoMonza.com Launches Updated Website

MRP Motorsport is proud to announce the all-new www.GoMonza.com website. The site continues to feature thorough information on the Monza Racing Chassis models as well as direct links to sister-sites (www.GoRotax.com and www.GoBirel.com) as well as the complete MRP Customer Forum Community that can put Monza Kart owners directly in touch with other users, dealers and product engineers to help answer any questions they may have. In keeping with a trend to provide the customer useful information, GoMonza.com features a "How-To" section providing customers with several handy tutorials to help improve their karting experience and increase customer satisfaction. Stay tuned for the 2009 Monza Chassis model launch.

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